There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

With its vast experience not only in operating standard BPO businesses, but also in assisting foreign companies establish international divisions throughout the world, KEYSQUARE is in the best position to help your company expand beyond your local market. Its strategic location in the Philippines allows it to tap into the country’s vast English-speaking skilled work pool to better facilitate your company’s evolution to becoming a global player.

By taking a proactive approach, actively seeking opportunities for your business to establish itself in a foreign market of your choice, as well as utilizing the excellent communication, marketing, and creative skills of some of the best minds in the Filipino workforce, your company is assured of getting a stable and established international division in no time.

KEYSQUARE recognizes the need for you to have an active hand in the way your business is grown and developed, which is why it will assign skilled staff to specifically look after your business interests. You will be kept in the loop regarding all decisions and developments made towards the establishment of your international arm, so that any strategies, solutions or products you want to include in your business can be easily incorporated.