Sandusky was minding his own business

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Each situation would be appraised rationally and impersonally. Applied to a social work context, a theory of this kind would privilege a positivist stance regarding experience. One possible criticism is that this would leave out the non linear, contextual, embedded and non rational components of relationships (Walker, 1998).

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In her twenties, she’d had a series of abnormal Pap smears; however, by her thirties, her Paps continuously came back normal, and she’d forgotten all about any irregularities. But HPV is nothing if not sneaky; it can lie dormant and undetectable in the body for years, making it incredibly difficult to know if you’re infected and unknowingly passing it along to others. This can also make it nearly impossible to pinpoint the partner responsible for giving it to you.

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At least, this is what jurors or one defiant juror will have to believe to keep him out of prison. Sandusky was minding his own business, running a charity to help troubled kids, when his life was stolen by. Well, the list is so long, it’s hard to know where to begin..

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