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Among the worries of public school leaders: Would giving families more freedom to leave their local schools for campuses with extra space sow chaos?But as Palm Beach County’s public school system prepares to start its first school year with open enrollment in place, district administrators say the program has been a boon, attracting at least 400 extra students into under enrolled public schools from charters or private schools.The open enrollment program allows students to apply to enroll in any school with more than 10 percent of its seats empty. Bringing more students into under enrolled schools is generally considered a plus because it makes them more efficient.>>> RELATED: Your student didn’t get into a ‘choice’ program? There’s another option thisyear.All told, 2,700 students applied this year for seats at 79 schools through the open enrollment process, and a little more than 2,000 won seats. Of those, an estimated 400 to 500 nearly a quarter are expected to come from charter schools or private schools.In other words, hundreds of students who had been in charter or private schools are either returning to district operated schools or enrolling in them for the first time via the new open enrollment program, district officials say.The interest from parents outside the school district was a pleasant surprise to school district administrators, who weren’t sure how much interest the program would attract and how it would play out.But it become clear that many parents view the program as a Plan B if their students don’t win a seat in a school choice (or program through the school district’s annual choice lottery.>>> RELATED: These 79 PBC schools are accepting open enrollment studentsStudents accepted through open enrollment won’t be able to take a school bus to school. SummerSummer is always a great time for nature pictures. They early blossoms of spring have now turned into beautiful trees or your flowerbeds are full of brightly colored flowers. Back up and take some pictures of your entire flowerbed. I also seem to have plantar fasciitis going on, or something similar. I have some ideas for workarounds and would love your feedback on whether you think they might work. Would also love to hear if you have other tips.

Requirements: The Social Media Producer will manage all social media output of WHDH TV accounts. The candidate will work closely with all facets of the newsroom and will not only assist in disseminating news but will help curate user generated content. The candidate will be responsible for news writing, producing, and editing of web and social media content.

I was tweaking out. I also thought the fur looked so fake. I decided to have it sent it anyway. Artie Hoerning, fisherman and proprietor, reels you into his ultracasual market, restaurant, and takeout destination. Unpretentious and fresh, this local landmark serves the day’s fare with paper plates, plastic utensils, occasional Styrofoam. Everything is fairly priced.

There are at least four species that are able to shoot a stream of blood out of the corner of their eyes for a distance of 3 to 5 feet. They actually aim this stream of blood, with amazing accuracy, for the eyes and mouth of their predator. This stream of blood will temporarily blind their predator and it also has a foul taste..

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