Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

In the rapidly changing global economic and business landscape, the need for effective global business management has become even more important. For businesses to remain competitive, they must continually evolve to tap into the global markets and emerging world opportunities. Strategic business management in the present turbulent world economic conditions has to be more pro-active as the technology, production and consumption patterns are changing by the day.

In this context, global business management can be defined as the fundamental principles and practices of conducting global business activities, the proper evaluation of international business opportunities and the optimum allocation of resources so as to attain the individual business objectives in a global environment. With these prinicples, KEYSQUARE is determined to help our partners with overseas marketing support and taking in consideration of the following aspects: Manage Cost, Manage Risks, Accelerate Execution and Strategy Management

BPO Core Services


Manage Cost

  • Reduce cost and headcount
  • Predictability of cost
  • Economy of Scale
  • Improved cost-effectiveness
  • Apply money-to-core business




Manage Risk

  • Transfer, share or mitigate risk
  • Access to new skill set or leading technology
  • Spreading of initial investment cost
  • Free-up cash for investment
  • Avoid non-core capital investments




Accelerate Execution

  • Accelerate speed-to-market
  • Enhance process effectiveness
  • Gain technical expertise and knowledge
  • Focus on core business competencies
  • Improved quality of service





Strategy Management

  • Align strategy and business goals
  • More freedom to focus on strategic activities
  • Enable business transformation
  • Build world-class capability
  • Increased shareholder value