Beyond Business Process Outsourcing

Our concept of bridging the gap between your company and your valued clients is beyond marketing synergy. We provide unparalleled contact center and customer value integration solutions with our B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) services.

We can fully tailor-fit outsourcing programs that will suit your unique campaign which covers CRM customization, marketing strategy creation to implementation, sales output delivery and reports generation with end-to-end analysis.

Management Approach

Our strategic business management paradigm is proven and seamless. We boast on our expertise in developing multiple and absolute management approaches based on specific campaigns. Our goal is to make our clients experience in-depth professional approaches in maximizing profitability and timeliness in results delivery.

We institutionalize the principle of workforce management into a higher level which is beyond in-house management capabilities. Our strength originates from our highly competent, reliable and results-oriented manpower pool.

Our reporting processes are real-time and can be aligned with your current workflow. This enables your company to flexibility and error-free in decision making.

Client Approach

There are numerous companies that are leaning towards outsourcing and off-shoring all over the globe. However, only a handful has successfully found a peer-matched outsourcing solutions provider. This limits the possibility of globalization.

We understand our clients from the core and it fuels us in continuously developing outsourcing solutions that are beyond synergy. We provide marketing strategies that are crafted to your likeness and needs. The campaign execution we deliver is always directed towards your goals and guarantees exponential business growth.

Beyond Synergy Concept

Imagine a company that has full potential to be global but lacks the requisite resources such as language, market engineering, manpower resources and technological advancement. These hurdles make market reach expansion deem to be a far flung vision.

We can design a fully streamlined and functioning pre to post campaign structure that includes voice and non-voice marketing strategy development, overall product/service campaign packaging, niche targeted voice marketing implementation and full detail reports generation with analysis impression and recommendation.

On top these services, we can provide language specific campaigns to multiple global regions, target market definition, growth to operational expansion studies and business to customer back office functions.

In effect, you as a client will be free from tedious operational processes. This will enable you to a new level of business growth endeavors and a guarantee to business sustainability.