If there is perceived danger

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I was here to discuss Star Wars. I don feel like discussing how sad it makes you feel when people downvote you on the internet. People have been relatively civil in this discussion, but you want this to be all about how a year ago people were mean when the movie first came out.

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Accounting and Finance are complicated subjects. Coupled with the complexity of large organizations, the need for accurate and fair accounting practices is an important consideration for multiple stakeholders. GAAP is used by a number of organizational types such as publicly traded firms, private firms, non profit organizations, and governments.

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Two heavy brackets are bolted into the wall on either side of a solid door; a long piece of 2 or heavier lumber is cut to rest across them. This is a home, not a scrap metals yard. An animal who is trained to fear and attack humans will be a hazard to family and friends, and a huge legal liability if it should harm anyone, even a thief.

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