Chris Christie’s administration of going back on its word to

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From the outset, those who opposed the platforming of Milo Yiannopoulos have been painted as repressive and anti free speech by many media outlets, along with members of the campus community. A widely shared Daily Cal op ed invoked the legacy of Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement to condemn those calling for the cancellation of Yiannopoulos’ event, emblematic of a carte blanche attitude toward the honoring of free speech. The administration, demonstrated in emails from Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, failed to problematize a thoughtless adherence to the First Amendment and thus played straight into the hands of the likes of Yiannopoulos, who deliberately use such a basic interpretation of free speech to smokescreen their toxic, sexist, white nationalist agenda.

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Always liked hanging out with him. Might be expected, Shane McMahon matter of factly denies rumors of a family feud with his sister, now the Chief Brand Officer, a lofty position described as no less than the of the company. There was no civil war, he says.

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